Another Time

by Karl Miles

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released May 15, 2010


all rights reserved



Karl Miles Batavia, Illinois

I have finished recording my latest Catholic studio album "Where are the Warriors" an album which is a call to Catholic's to live our faith to its fullest meaning...we are called to be saints.

God's truth and love concurs all evil, but people must be able to feel and see this love in us. It is my hope, truth and love is heard in my music.
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Track Name: tonight

Place where we met
Candles lit
Table set
I wait for you
Dressed in blue
My best suit

I didn’t know how hard to try
Is this the place is this the time
For making do

Place looks the same
Different name
Similar aim
I wonder if you
Life renewed
Will be too

Tonight we’ll find
All the the things we left behind
Tonight we’ll try
To say all the things we kept inside
Time causes change
Eye-sight fades
A bit more gray
I wipe my lens
Gently cleanse
A blurry gaze

I knock my knife onto the ground
I don’t ask for another
to be brought around

droplets amass on your glass
as minutes pass
sweat on my brow
my head bowed
the time is now

tonight we’ll dry
all those tears we used to cry
tonight we’ll die
to all of the guilt we kept in sight

I haven’t been
This nervous since
Our first kiss
Heart skips a beat
As suddenly
What I see

Beautiful you walks through the door
You look around and see what
You are looking for
Track Name: bed of thorns
Bed Of Thorns

Is this now the way we live
Where is the kiss we use to give

Into silence we have come
Will we not try to save our love

Sleeping on a bed of thorns
These nights drain more from my heart
Every prick at night this briar
Spreads us apart

So tell me now how we going to make things right
All of these years of conflict and tears
We’re now numb to the fight
Our wounded love we have no peace in this home
How will we heal our wounds to real
The silence is harsh

No one see’s what is real
None of our friends no how we feel

Deadened emotions our hearts cold
Passion caring now long gone
Track Name: six decrees of separation
Six Decrees of Separation

seven weeks ago, cupped open and filled deep
with silver, my hands,
let you reach in and take the coins that you would need
fare demands
and seven weeks ago, cupped open and filled deep
with silver, the sands,let you reach out and take its ship across the sea
to other land
sit doesn’t matter when or how or why
you left me standing herethere is nothing to repay
it doesn’t matter where or what or who
that ship has brought you to
I’ll still love you all the same
I hear rumors that you may have fallen in
with a bad crowd
I pray that even if you do go overboard
you won’t drown
it doesn’t matter what or who or where
you are while you’re out thereI’ll still love you any way
it doesn’t matter when or how or why
that ship brings you back here
just as long as you’re okay
slow down you’re movingmoving too fast
these things you think you wantthey won’t last

people say that I’m a fool to still believe
you’ll ever say when
but every day I go down to the pier to see what the ship’s dragged in
it doesn’t matter when or how or why
you ever come back home
I’ll be waiting every day
it doesn’t matter what or who or where the ship has brought you from
or if you will always stay‘til then I’m holding
holding fast
these things you think you want
they will pass
seven months from now, arms opened like the sea,
I’ll be here
Track Name: london eye
London Eye

I walked the streets this evening with you
I lie awake still thinking it through
But don’t chalk it up to the moon
It was your eyes that shined upon me
I lost my bearings immediately
Now you are all I see

I was reminded of Byron tonight
When you looked at me with that heavenly light
That others are denied

I could continue to walk with you
Keeping my eyes on you
Trusting the Lord to direct our way
Letting our paths merge into the same

Bryon was right you walked in beauty tonight
But does all that’s best really meet in your eyes
Or are they a siren’s guise

I could continue to walk with you
Keeping my eyes on you
But maybe your eyes are distractions instead
Should I pay heed to what lies ahead

I wish I could just close my eyes
But I would still see you in the eye of my mind
Or in my dreams tonight
Track Name: phoenix

West down the highway
Brake-light in sky
Sign says 180
Both know why
I’m heading for disaster
Been this way before
Phoenix’s course

Darkness behind me
Sunset ahead
Scared to about face
The road that I’ve led
Don’t want o face the darkness just to see the light
Of a new day

Every time, every day bursts into flame
I used to try now I just fly right into shame

Inside the city
Dark clouds reign
Sun’s been extinguished
But I still remain
Feeling the burn sensations
Pains I’ve felt before
This cyclical course

Every time, every day ends up the same
Everything dry nothing to cry repentant’s name

Darkness about me
I choose instead
The grace promised to me
Back where I tread
I turn to face the sunrise now I see the light
It’s a new day

Maybe this time, maybe this day won’t be in vain
This time I’ll try, Phoenix will cry its saving rain on me
Track Name: return trip
Return Trip

first light of dawn and everything yawns
in the soft sunlight
clouds are filled
with orange and pink and white
walking slowly, it’s so quiet and still
then i run into you
happenstance that rings true – i am back
you are wearing pink and white and black
how’re you doing, and how long has it been
do you remember when you would contend
that you loved me
i couldn’t see how i could need you in my life
or in my dreams
so i flew away, off to Monterrey
it was so easy
to leave you behind, biding my time
till i was ready to say, “i do”
i forgot about you, but now that i see you
i was astray
now i see in white and black and gray
what’re you doing, and maybe we . . .
what’s that you are wearing
you are getting married in Florence
there’s your plane
it’s black and gray and or-ange
that’s good-bye then, will i see you again
so you fly away, off to Italy
it’s not easy
to be left behind, biding my time
till another enters my life
Track Name: raggedy ann and johnny
Raggedy Anne and Johnny

She a rough edged girl
Raggedy anne
Violin tattoo
Along the razor’s scars

Him a straight laced guy
Johnny Q.
Virgin tip-toe-ing
Around his stomping grounds

Different veins
Blood runs the same
Lonely and lost
Different lands
Similar plans
Seeking a cost

She was hoping to straighten up for good
In need of firm forgiving love
He was willing to loosen up for once
A sacrifice in the name of love

They joked about running off
And marrying
Both though were serious

But neither could voice
Such a strange choice
And in the end
They went their own way
Feeling the same
Never to mend

She’s still hoping to straighten up for good
In need of firm forgiving love
He’s was willing to loosen up for once
A sacrifice in the name of love
Track Name: she

She turned to me
And she said
I love you
And i
Didn’t know what to say
For I couldn’t say
I love you
And I
Didn’t want to hurt her
For I know how it feels
When love is not returned
Love her like a sister
More than a lover
Not like a wife
Not like a wife

She looked at me
And she said
Don’t you love me
And i
Found the words to say
Though not in that way
I do love you
Know i
Did not intend to hurt you
For I know how it feels
When love is not returned
Love you like a sister
More than a lover
But not like a wife
Not like a wife
Track Name: take my hand
Take My Hand

Take my hand and lead me on
For I’m lost now
All these years I’ve been alone
Blindly stumbling

How am I to find my way
When I am on my own
Running from the way I am
Yearning for the one

And so you take my hand
Walking beside me
Strengthened by your helping hand
Faithful always

Pulling me from wandering ways
Purpose fills my days
Helping me as long before
Like my family

Remembering my young years
Remembering the way it was the way I was when I was but a child
Fearless in all things timid in nothing taking every step without anxiety

And so we walk along
Hand in hand
Stronger now than as before
Suffering still coming

Now with you I see a way
Through these trying days
As with blood when I was young
We are forged as one
Track Name: anticipating a fall
Anticipating a Fall

My heavy heart is dangling on the line of sight.
Clinging to the lip, I’m your umbrella left far behind.

The leaves begin their long good-byes; the weight starts to swell.
I know you will find what you seek, so fare thee well.

On the horizon, I am waiting,
Anticipating a fall.
Terra on tilt, all is gropin’,
Still I am hopin’ despite it all.

And when it all comes crashing down, her cup will overflow.
The run-off will sweep you up and lift you off the ground.

On the horizon, I am waiting,
Anticipating a fall.
Maybe she’s me; it wouldn’t kill him,
So I am willin’ despite it all.
Track Name: another time, another place
Another time, another place

if i wasn’t so disbelieving
if i knew where i was wrong
trying, but i don’t know how
keep reliving all of my thoughts

another time, another place
and i won’t feel so bad
moving on from where i lay to where i’ll stay
holding to what i’ve got
fighting for what i’m not . . . what i’m not

i’ll go on now to change this world
to where i’ll fit okay
to make all my problems fade away
i’ll try to feel fine
i’ll lie so i’m okay . . . i’m okay

free from nothin’
free from nothin’

then i’ll dream for what’s to come
for it is better then
my pain will then be forgotten
so i sleep to feel nothin’
another world to fake this one

another time, another place
and i won’t feel so bad
moving on from where i lay to where i’ll stay

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